Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Still here... Barely!

Just a quick update to acknowledge my continued existence despite the fact that I haven't updated the blog for ages!

To keep a potentially long story as short as possible, I have been pre-occupied with some personal issues (which have hopefully now been fully resolved) and have also had to move locations due to my job. And not only that, but since moving (Which was designed to increase my free time and cut back on travelling!) I've only actually been home from the day job before 6 PM once. And that was to prepare for an interview! Pretty crazy considering I leave at 7.30 AM most mornings and now live within a fifteen minute walk as opposed to a 75 minute train journey. Still, as most people have said, it is good to see me applying myself to something beyond trading!

So, a quick update on my trading can be summed in a popular board game from the 1990s. Frustration!

Yes, I am making a profit which is very impressive but I am way behind on the net scoreboard as a result of my risk averse nature shining through together with my computer game mentality of treating green as victory.

I've not had as much time to devote to my trading (Thanks to the above and a social life has also proved far more difficult to accomodate) but the two weekends which I have blocked out for trading recently have produced excellent results, largely thanks to Formula 1 which is quickly becoming my favoured trading sport. (Averaging a profit of c. £300 per weekend.)

As for the Rugby League, I have definitely not had enough time to study the games this year. Whereas last year I would watch copious game film, this year I have hardly watched any extra games and have also been focused more on the markets dealing with very poor in play liquidity. (Ironically, when I have sat back I have traded much better.)

So, whilst I have been struggling relatively in the keys to watch out for, it is fair to say that my general strategy continues to work very well with an incredible 5 1.1 and below overturns in SKY games since I moved at the back end of February, which unsurprisingly, I have not made the most of.

Also, I have very kindly been granted a Rugby forum over at The Geek's Toy Forums. I have previously mentioned how valuable a resource I find both the application and the forum although at the moment, I am pretty much talking to myself over there so feel free to drop by with any thoughts / questions / ideas. As with comments, they are massively appreciated given that trading can be an isolatory event and one that very few of my friends are capable of comprehending well enough to discuss, other than requesting I buy more beers!

Anyway, just a quick alcohol induced post for now. I'll hope to go into further detail on the past two months trading shortly with a massive four days to rest and do precious little coming up beginning Friday. Although 5 SKY RL games and a Grand Prix weekend will keep me occupied!