Monday, 17 January 2011

Coming off Life Support

Like a 1990s Pop Music band who have recently fallen on hard times and who need some cash, I have returned.

When I first started blogging, I never imagined it would be so difficult to maintain but it really is much harder than it looks. From past experience, I may return in a blaze of glory only to then flicker for a while before being removed by the rain which masquerades as the British summer. (The end of the Rugby League season is surely little more than a co-incidence.)

Anyway, enough of me. How have you been? From the looks of things, pretty bored if
you’re still checking this out. I’m not sure I can change that but I can try.

As I enter my third year of trading seriously on Betfair, I continue to be astounded by
the events of the past two years. For all my diatribes and rants, and having looked over this blog there have been many, I have earned far more than I could ever have expected although I remain a small fish who continues to focus on avoiding the great whales more than anything. Quite frankly, earning anything from watching sports which I did for 22 years for my own amusement continues to astound and bemuse me in equal measures.

A quick recap of the events of the past five months which I have been absent from would read trade Formula 1, made some money, traded Rugby League, made some money, traded American Football, made some money, traded the X Factor, poked my eyes out with sticks, filled my ears with cotton and made some money and traded Cricket and lost some money.

But that sums up why the blog became quiet. No one cares in a Profit and Loss blog and no one would really want to say I did A, B and C and earned £1,000,000 because why would you want to give up £1,000,000. (Ed – Writer does not earn £1,000,000.) Sure, it might be nice to follow someone’s story but that can be followed without a I backed D and laid E factual analysis.

The blog also became quiet because well, quite frankly, it usually takes me pretty much in the region of somewhere approaching fifty words to merely illustrate a point of such basic simplicity that the length of time it takes to make said point irritates me greatly.

So that leaves the dilemma of what to do with the blog and the options are plentiful.

The first option would be to simply delete the blog and give up blogging. However, if I were to do this there would be little reason to make this post in the first place so that can be quickly dismissed. (If that disappoints you, click that little X in the top right corner of your screen.)

The second option is to make this blog a Profit and Loss one but I’ve ruled that out so if you want to know how much I’ve earned you will need to develop psychic powers.

The third option would be to make this a poor version of Cassini’s blog – Green All Over – a blog that is without compare (Unless it’s actually a meerkat in disguise). This option appeals but I’m not sure I have the imagination or inspiration to find so many diverse topics to write about. Still, it is an option that intrigues me and ideas permitting, I will certainly be looking to make general comments about topical issues

The fourth option is to make the blog much more of a sport orientated blog and when I say sport, I mean Rugby League with a dash of Formula One where the posts are more analytical of issues not directly concerning themselves with trading. This is another possibility. I am fairly au fait with writing extensively about Rugby League as my irregular previews which can be found in the archives attest to. The slight down side to this however though would be that such posts would pretty much be of limited interest to the current target audience whilst the presumed audience would similarly be put off by the more regular trading posts which would appear so whether this would be a worthwhile approach is unlikely.

The fifth option would be to take a combination of three and four, add in some one when I can(‘t?) be bothered.

The sixth option? Well, I don’t so much write this for me as I already have these thoughts on my mind, so I would love to know what you think.


  1. Hi,

    I just discovered your blog and have added it to my bloglinks. If you find my blog interesting, I would be happy if you could return the favour!


  2. Hi Craig,
    Good to see you back. Personally think people are always looking for new markets to trade so the thoughts of an expert are always interesting.
    I usually get myself a coffee before reading your posts as I have read shorter books but the quality of the content is always superb.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  3. Craig

    As Paul says always a good read- please god not another P and L blog though as I think I would lose the will to live if some one else posted up details of how they had won another 18p and it was a good day....

  4. Thanks for the comments guys.

    An expert I am not Paul. An obsessive amateur maybe. :)