Friday, 8 April 2011

Round 9

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to place together my thoughts for this evening's games so I need to resort to listing them in sentence form!

Huddersfield v Warrington. Disagree with the market prices who look to have not factored in home advantage but I do fancy Warrington to sneak home and exact revenge for their first week loss.

Wigan v Catalans. A "justified" 1.1 shot but like last week, there's only one backable team.

Crusaders v St Helens. A fair price all things considered but Crusaders must be the option at the current odds.

Hull v Bradford. A scizophrenic side against a mediocre one. Anything could happen here so probably best to stay away.


  1. Encouraged by your normal write ups Craig, I spent the evening just watching the markets and paper traded the Wigan and Huddersfield matches (no one seemed to be trading the other games). Despite no SKY in my household, I went for laying Wigan and backing the draw in the Hudders match.

    A tidy profit on the lay and 'came out' when the draw had more or less halved in price, so a successful night.

    Two games does not an expert make, but I've seen enough to experiment some more.



  2. Alistair - sorry for the lack of response to your previous comment but I've been snowed under. Was planning to PM at the Geekstoy forums some general thoughts which might be of help.

    Will likely be the middle of next week by the time I get round to doing it but should be okay.

    P.S. - Only SKY games ever have tradable liquidity. The Wigan was a one off due to the freak result.

  3. Hello Craig,

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    Many Thanks mate best of luck with future trading


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