Sunday, 22 February 2009

A sobering thought - at the risk of aftertiming.

If I would have used £100 stakes as I set out to at the start of the season...

St Helens v Warrington - Back Warrington at 4.5. Back St Helens at 4. Potential profit: £1,250.

Salford v Celtic - Lay Salford at 1.05. Back Salford at 1.4. Potential profit: £740.

Hull KR v Leeds - Back Hull KR at 5. Back Leeds at 2.38. Potential profit: £590.

Warrington v Catalans - Lay Warrington at 1.26. Potential profit: £384.*
* At 1.06, I may have laid Warrington again (Especially if I was so far up!). Potential profit: £1,666.

Potential loss: £500. (Half of my bank)
Potential total profit: £4,630.

There is no way in hell I would ever have let those bets run all the way down as in the above best case scenario, and then also no way that I would have seen the potential green and put £100 red on one side, and there is equally no way in hell, I will ever have such a good run again!

However, it is just worthwhile pointing out how much my cautiousness has hurt me over the past nine days!


  1. Hi Craig,
    would you like to exchange links with my blog

  2. Not a problem, mate.

    Good luck with the strategy - although days 300+ will probably be very hairy!!!