Thursday, 12 March 2009

Remember me?

Well, it's not been that long, but it has been a while!

Apologies for the lack of updates, but at times it feels like I have nothing interesting to say! I mean, sure I could tell you about winning X game on Y, or B on game C but when all I really seem to bet on is Rugby League these days (on which I primarily discuss on it just seems unnecessary to duplicate it on this blog.

At the start of the year, I had hoped to diversify and increase the associated risk (and reward) of my betting, but it just hasn't happened. I have managed to increase my bank by 50% which, is pretty good, but I seem to be lacking the nerve to trade in meaningful amounts on anything but Super League, and even then the ultimate risk is negligible!

Recently, I have attempted to trade Correct Score markets on football games, but only using small stakes, and even then I appear to trade in a risk averse manner, looking to green (or red) up as soon as possible which can be disheartening. I just seem to lack the inner confidence to trade with any real effectiveness, and given that stake size appears irrelevant in determining trading out, it would appear that it is the concept of losing which is causing me the most difficulty. This has always been the issue that holds me back most on Betfair, but is one that I am currently at a loss to solve.

On a personal note, it looks like a major change will be coming in the next few weeks as my housemate has decided to move on at the end of the month. I currently live and work in Leeds, but am originally from St Helens. Now, anyone who knows me will know that for the past three years, I have constantly mentioned a desire to either go back to University or to make better use of my initial University degree. Therefore, I have taken the decision to move back home, at least in the interim. It isn't going to be pretty - it's an 80 minute train commute on a daily basis (Although I won't be getting up any earlier - just getting home later!) However, it makes more sense, to me, doing that than taking out a lease for 6 months on an overpriced shoebox, when I have no real desire to stay in Leeds, and am hoping to spend this Summer watching the Ashes, I currently have tickets for 11 days of the 5 Tests.

Obviously this will alter my trading - as I will be unable to trade until evenings, and probably won't be able to watch as much sport as I currently do, but I don't think it will automatically effect the amount I can trade because for example, my trading on football does not require the game to be watched, so I can't see it having a negative impact, in fact with less time to trade it may even aid me to assist the risk and increase the volume, but we'll see.

And as for the rugby this week, I go into more depth on the forum listed above, but I think Leeds are ridiculously underpriced and that Huddersfield should ease past Castleford. We'll see.

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