Saturday, 2 May 2009

It's here

Murrayfield magic that is, or whatever the title they have given to this weekend's events.

7 games of Rugby League across 2 days. I am just thankful that it is a bank holiday weekend, I will need Monday to recover now that SKY are showing all the games.

For some strange reason, I don't have a great initial feeling about this weekend. A lot of questions for me, including liquidity and how will Betfair hold up. Not that the RL will cause it to crash, it's the soccer and horse racing combo that does that!

I am also caught between a desire to be more aggressive like last week where it helped me, and the obvious issue that such a strategy will cause larger fluctuations in short term profit, something that I am less than keen on. Especially when I consider the fact that this weekend happens but once a year, and therefore I am feeling under more pressure than usual to take advantage of it.

Rather than duplicate my thoughts here on individual games, I'll be posting random thoughts here - (And also on the Betfair forums.) Feel free to drop by, usually I end up talking to myself. The men in white coats can't be far away. I'll soon know whether I would have been wise giving myself up. I can only hope that my decision to avoid them will prove profitable.

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