Thursday, 7 January 2010

A slight delay - so join the Forums!

With the weather forcing me to take a couple of days off from the day job, I was intending to be able to start my team previews. However, even in this Internet age, getting full squad information isn’t as easy as you would think (Crusaders RL don’t even appear to have a squad!) and that, combined with general procrastination, England’s third test match and my refound appreciation for Coupling on DVD means that they have been put on the backburner for now.

Those of you who use either of the trading resources I refer to at the top of my blog will be aware that I did spend some time looking at available Season bets and hope to turn that into a future blog post at some point but for now, they are just thoughts that I am awaiting feedback on. That’s also how I hope the blog will develop in 2010 – the forums being a place to discuss ideas which will then magically tidy themselves up into a coherent blog post (although I’m yet to manage one yet!)

Either way, that’s just an unashamed plug for the forums which I am quite keen on seeing grow. Trading can be both a lonely hobby and one in which you can greatly benefit from outside advice and with several sports being discussed, as well as general trading thoughts and off the cuff banter I really would advise anyone who has not yet signed up to sign up as soon as possible. You won’t regret it, unless you are easily distracted in which case you might as they can be very interesting and time consuming!

With two days off work, I took my football trading skills and tried to apply them to the Spanish and Italian correct score markets although the Italian suffered from seemingly inconsistent liquidity and the Spanish suffered from me not bothering to check the second half had kicked off and therefore not exiting positions in sufficient time. (I was trying as the goal went in.)

Post Commission earnings of £3.89, £3.75 and £15.45 probably justified the effort involved and I added to this by winning a single pence on the third test today. (I had moved my green onto South Africa.) /Amazingly, the draw could be backed at 1.19 with one ball remaining which seems a ridiculous price but I was happy enough to just collect another England last ball “victory”. Bring on the Summer, even if it is only Bangladesh and Pakistan!

The Rugby League season starts in just 22 days now so I’m hoping to get at least one preview up this weekend as well as looking to start some pieces on general RL trading for those of you with limited experience but excessive enthusiasm unless I get stranded at work. And if I do, well you should join the forums if you still haven’t, because they will keep you more amused than I ever can anyway.


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