Saturday, 31 January 2009

Fighting Back

Just a quick update on today's progress before I go off, look at my monthly results and post a more comprehensive review!

As I have previously mentioned, it seemed like nothing had been going my way, and I found myself almost £34 down for the month, at the start of the day. My football trading strategy is definitely unsophisticated and it had seemed to be going against me - if I backed a game, there would be a goal. If I did not, it would end up 0 - 0.

So, 12.45, Stoke v Man City, and I felt reasonably confident. Stoke had held Man Utd goalless in the first 75 minutes at home, and had not conceded in two matches against Liverpool, and after some decent trading, I found myself in a reasonable position with Half Time approaching, when I attempted to green up and left lay bets in at 4.7 and 4.6. (These would have been matched with ease but for Stoke's Red Card.)

As is the recent run, a goal happened just before I traded out. Thankfully though, this did not leave me red this time, although looking at a big green on 0 - 0, and £1.85 green on all other scores, left me not knowing whether to laugh, cry or do both! Some later trading saw me win a grand total of 59p before commission!

So onto the 3 pm starts, and I opted to place £2 bets on 0 - 0 on all Premier League matches, although this had let me down at the weekend. Therefore, when five out of six games were 0 - 0 at 30 minutes, I opted to trade out, leaving myself with between £6 and £12 on the rest. I had thought there would be either one or no 0 - 0s, and therefore by eliminating any red on 5 games, and leaving myself with between £6 and £12, I would leave with a similar profit to if I had let all games run all the way through untraded.

You can guess what happened next. Yes, three games finished 0 - 0! If I had not traded out, I would have won over £50. Instead, I achieved around £15, although after recent trades, I felt reasonably content with that, if extremely frustrated.

However, all bad luck (or decisions!) will eventually end, and whilst I traded the first half of Man Utd v Everton reasonably well, it was my decision to lay the 0 - 0 at Half Time Score at 1.18, which earned me not only £10, but a feeling that maybe my luck was turning. (Even if an additional bet just missed out on being matched before the Suspension!) This left me just £9.59 down for the month, and over £24 up for the day after commission.

Finally, I opted to place 41p on a tip I had previously seen - Ajax v Heereneveen which had previously traded at 29, and I got on board at 26. It ended up as low as 3.6, and left me wishing I had put more money on, although knowing less than zero about Dutch football, it probably wasn't the wrong decision.

Either way, a day which started off frustratingly as opposed to the recent days of everything going against me, ended up pretty well, and is sure to provide some sort of boost going into February - although it would not be a major surprise to see me falter majorly tomorrow, but more on that in a later post!

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