Saturday, 10 January 2009

It's been a while...

Since Last Time.

The majority of sports that I trade on are either Summer sports or traditionally Weekend sports. Therefore, trading during the week is not something that I regularly do, and with it being the first week back at work following Christmas / New Year, I have not really had the appetite to get involved, especially with the only in play British football, being cup games between teams in different divisions.

That said, I did win a quick £2 in the Blackburn v Blyth game when I got involved just before Half Time, although I lost double that amount, £4, in Man Utd v Derby, which I traded with reduced stakes. That said, I did manage to cut my losses in half in the second half which was really pleasing, and is a key part of my trading, which really did help my confidence, even if my bank account was showing a loss!

Stoke v Liverpool.

Despite being totally knackered and not feeling great after spending most of the day shopping, I did manage to trade the Stoke v Liverpool match. Now, I had previously said that when a game ends 0 – 0, that I would hope to win in excess of £50. However, I only managed £16.01, which is not a lot but is a win that is worth more than the price tag for someone who tends to struggles with the concept of risk, which sure is a bad attribute for a trader!

My reasons for the low winnings are two-fold. Firstly, a phone call during the first half meant that I reduced my stake size to £10. Frankly, I had been using £10 in patches before that anyway, but for someone who regularly enters and re-enters the market, I did not want to run the risk of having a £100 liability through getting caught out by not focusing fully on the match or the market. Secondly, I was bloody starving and so went to the fish and chip shop at Half Time, and did not trade until after 80 minutes in the second half.

Hopefully, this will give me the boost I need to be able to trade with more risk tonight, for the NFL games.

Tonight’s Games.

The Tennessee v Baltimore game is a hard one to call and one I am looking forward to watching more than trading on. I can really see it strongly resembling their 2000? Encounter. From a trading point of view, the market looks spot on, in my opinion, and I won’t be getting involved until I see how the teams start.

Watching the Cards in the playoffs is something I can’t wait for after the first home playoff game for 62 years last week! I also can’t get over the price. This is a game that the Cardinals should have won back in the Regular Season, and whilst the Cards have gone backwards and the Panthers forwards from that game, the Cards look too low. I think the Panthers should be 1.33, although if Anquan Boldin is out, or the Panthers receive the ball first, I think the Cards’ price will shorten more. I do expect the Panthers to win, but think the Cards will give them a good game and their price could rise to at least 1.5 in play.


Selection Odds Stake(£) Bid type Profit/loss(£)
0 - 0 7.94 261.00 Back 1,810.87
0 - 0 7.46 277.84 Lay -1,794.02

Transactions: 58

Net Market Total: £16.01

Total Result: £14.01

Next Update.

Probably tomorrow, although with me likely, and hopefully!, being up until 4.15 am, I am not too sure I will manage!! Especially with their being two Premiership and a further two NFL matches tomorrow! I can’t believe that after this weekend, there is only 3 NFL games left this year. The season sure does fly by.

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  1. Hi Craig,

    Welcome to the blogging community. You'll soon learn that every sport is an opportunity to trade once you know what you are doing :)

    Good luck with it and I'd be most grateful we could share links.